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SCRIPTS can convert your schedule into the latest version of Movie Magic Budgeting® ! We’ll format your budget detailing cast, production information, and key custom categories. Your formatted budget will be entry-ready!

Movie Magic Budgets

Through our conversion and setup service a budget file is created in EP Movie Magic Budgeting that is "entry ready".

Please note that through this service we are not budgeting your film. We are creating the budget template to streamline the budgeting process.

This service is only available if we are preparing your schedule.


To place a service order, call our offices at either
(818) 788-6049 or(818) 905-9848, 24 hours a day / 7
days a week

Payment is due in full when work has been completed and prior to project delivery. Emailed invoices are generated through PayPal for your convenience. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and electronic checking, or savings transfers.

Professional Film Budgets

Line Producer ServicesLooking for an experienced Line Producer to budget your film?

The parent company of Scripts Unlimited The Gallant Entertainment Group works with top industry Line Producers & Production Managers. They are experienced in US and foreign locations, tax rebates & incentives, CGI, effects, period films and water projects. Their credits include studio features, indies, cable and television productions.

For further information please contact GEG at (818) 905-9848 or email them:

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